Build your own voice

To build your own voice, cd egs/build_your_own_voice/s1 and follow the below steps:

Setting up

The first step is to run setup as it creates directories and some text files for testing.

The next steps demonstrate on how to setup voice.

./ my_voice

It also creates a global config file: conf/global_settings.cfg, where default settings are stored. You need to modify these params as per your own data.

Prepare labels

To prepare labels

./ <path_to_wav_dir> <path_to_text_dir> <path_to_labels_dir>

Prepare acoustic features

To prepare acoustic features

./ <path_to_wav_dir> <path_to_feat_dir>

Prepare config files

At this point, we have to prepare two config files to train DNN models - Acoustic Model - Duration Model

To prepare config files:

./ conf/global_settings.cfg

Four config files will be generated: two for training, and two for testing.

Train duration model

To train duration model:

./ <path_to_duration_conf_file>

Train acoustic model

To train acoustic model:

./ <path_to_acoustic_conf_file>

Synthesize speech

To synthesize speech:

./ <path_to_text_dir> <path_to_test_dur_conf_file> <path_to_test_synth_conf_file>